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Cooking is the easiest thing to let fall by the wayside when you're busy. Cooking can be  faster, better, and even more fun when you learn how to cook from 101 Cooking Recipes. Making your own food is not only economically sound, but you also know exactly what you're eating. We provide numerous famous and delicious recipe guide from all around the world and different types of cooking recipe to fulfill your cooking needs. Pamper yourself with great cooking recipes which is easily available.

Holidays in far flung places have increased our awareness of different foods and ingredients to the point where very few dishes seem truly 'foreign'. Even if you don't travel, many international dishes have become familiar fare as restaurants spring up on almost every street corner serving food from all over the world. Ingredients and dished which once sounded strange, and were impossible to locate, are now often standard items, easy to find in local supermarkets or specialist food shops.

Traditionalists will tell you that, with the exception of Chicken Liver Toasts and sliced cured meats, there are no antipasti in Tuscan cooking. This was true until a generation ago, but with the move to lighter meals in modern Tuscany, appetizers are often served instead of a pasta dish or second course. And on special occasions... several antipasti will appear on the table, before the pasta dish!


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An exciting and enticing collection of recipes from all parts of the globe, with everything from mid-week suppers to innovative ideas for special entertaining. The essential cooking recipes website for anyone who likes to cook.

Every recipeshas easy-to-follow instructions to show the techniques and cooking methods. So, whether you are just browsing for ideas, or looking for something special, is certain to have the dish to fit the occasion.

"A fruit chutney such as pear or mango is an indispensable condiment for a plate of hot curry; but chutney is also great on cheese and meat sandwiches."

"Rub thin fillets of beef or pork with garlic salt or Italian herbs before cooking them for an extra burst of flavor."

"Boneless chicken breasts cut into strips are great for stir-fries and they make for terrific and fast chicken fajitas."

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