What is the Difference Cooking Temperature for Veal and Beef ?

What is the Difference Cooking Temperature for Veal and Beef ?

We are fully aware that everyone has a personal definition of how long beef (or veal) should roast. The temperature listed below are meant to guide you to the roasted beef and veal of your liking. These temperatures and those give in the recipes are the final internal temperatures of the meat; always compensate by removing the meat when it is 5-10 degrees below the desired temperature because the roast will continue to cook once it has been removed from the oven.

120-125 degrees for very rare to rare, or pink meat
130-140 degrees for medium-rare to medium, or slightly pink meat
150-160 degrees for well-done meat, or meat that is no longer pink (and meat that many people think is overcooked!)

Having stated our preferences, we feel obligated to let you know that the U.S.D.A. and the National Live Stock and Meat Board of Chicago give different parameters. Because of current scares about bacteria in rare meat, they have significantly raised their roasting temperature recommendations. They are as follows:

145 degrees for medium-rare meat
160 degrees for medium meat
170 degrees for well-done meat
(Note that there is no recommendation for rare meat)

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