Different Cuts of Veal

Different Cuts of Veal

Fillet - This is the prime cut of the calf, from the hindquarters, and is usually sliced into escalopes to fry or grill. However, it can be used as a very expensive roasting joint or cut into cubes for kebabs.

Veal Escalopes - These are probably the most popular cut of veal and are the most expensive. The escalopes should be cut from the best part or fillet end of the leg, and they should be cut between about 5mm / 1/4 inch and 1cm / 1/2 inch thick. They should always be cut across the grain of the meat, not along it. Once cut, escalopes are usually beaten so they are very much thinner.

Chops - These come from the loin. Those from the bottom end, with a small round bone, are known as chump chops; those from the other end are called cutlets although one cutlet is quite large. All chops are suitable for frying, grilling (if basted well) and pan-frying, but need good flavorings or a good sauce as an accompaniment.

Knuckle - This is a cheaper, bony cut from the end of the leg. It is good for stewing and casseroling and is used in the classic Italian dish, Osso Buco.

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