101 Cooking Recipes, Tips, Asian, Desserts, Food Photo Blog

101 Cooking Recipes, Tips, Asian, Desserts, Food Photo Blog

Different Types of Krupuk (Keropok, Kerupuk, Kropek, Kroepoek, Banh Phong Tom)

The crisp, translucent crackers called krupuk are found in every Indonesian and Malaysian kitchen – and in other Southeast Asian pantries as well. Although many different varieties exist – fish (krupuk palembang), tapioca (krupuk miller), malingo nut (emping malinjo) – krupuk udang, made from shrimp, are the most common. They come in the form of […]

Oyster mushroom: (Pleurotus ostreatus)

Oyster mushroom: (Pleurotus ostreatus). Also know as tree oyster mushroom and abalone mushroom, this white to grey to pink salmon coloured, fan-shaped fungus is claimed to taste faintly of the sea, hence its name. Some might argue that the name has more to do with appearance than taste or, perhaps, to suggest that they would […]

Malaysian Cooking Ingredients – Shallots

Malaysian Cooking Ingredients – Shallots : tiny round red onions (in Malay – bawang merah), usually pounded as part of a basic seasoning mix and often finely sliced and crisp fried in oil over moderate heat to provide a garnish. If shallots are not available, try to use red or brown onion (1 medium onion […]

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