Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipe

In Hong Kong, chicken is very popular because of its tender texture. There are many different ways to cook chicken, like steaming, stir-frying, braising, deep-frying, stewing and double-steaming. There are different kinds of chicken available on the market, namely Shanghainese yellow chicken, Long Gang chicken, Jia Mei chicken, silky chicken and sesame chicken.


Cooking Tips for various tastes of chicken:

1) Chicken breast is the white meat of chicken. It is highly nutritious with less fat and therefore suitable for people who want to have a healthy diet.

2) The meat of chicken thighs is very tender and tastes best if stewed, stir fried and steamed. But it is read meat and is not considered as lean as chicken breast.

3) If a chicken is chopped up and cooked, ginger juice wine must be added. Chicken pieces give out blood which affects the taste. Use of ginger juice wine can remove the unpleasant smell of blood. (To make ginger juice wine, grate ginger and extract the juice. Then pour in the same amount of wine.)

4) The meat of chicken is thick but very tender. It can be made into wonderful dishes with the right heat and right cooking time.

Different Types of Chicken

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