Different Types of Chicken

Different Types of Chicken

Chickens are sold under different names according to their age, ranging from the poussin of a few weeks old to the boiling fowl, which is usually at least a year and a half old. Any chicken younger than 6 months is best grilled, sauteed or roasted, to develop the best flavor.

Poulet - This is an immature spring chicken. Allow one bird for two people.

Poussin - Baby chicken. Allow one per person. It is a bit fiddly and bony, so eat with your fingers.

Roasting Chicken - Use for most chicken recipes. Allow a 2kg / 4lb bird to feed 4-6 people.

Boiling Fowl - An old bird, tough and cheap with a good flavor. Use for dishes requiring a long gentle simmer. Perfect for stocks and stews.

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