Spicy Grilled Chicken Recipe

Spicy Grilled Chicken Recipes

Ingredients :



4 cups

1 teaspoon

1 tablespoon



cloves garlic

coconut milk, extracted from 1 coconut

coriander seeds

tamarind pulp

hard boiled eggs

salt to taste

chicken liver and gizzard

Method :

Clean the chicken well and drain. Pound or grind the garlic and coriander seeds finely. Slice finely the chicken innards and mix with 1 teaspoon of the ground ingredients. Chop the eggs roughly and add to the mixture. Stuff the chicken with the mixture and sew up the opening. Squeeze out the milk from the coconut, mix with tamarind and salt. Add in the remaining ground ingredients. Boil the chicken in this mixture until the oil surfaces. Take the chicken out of the pot and grill it in the oven until tender.

Serve 6 - 8

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