Baked Cake (Shao Ping) Recipe

Baked Cake (Shao Ping) Recipes

Ingredients :

1) For oiled filling -

5.2 - 7.8 ounces plain wheat flour

1 tbsp salt

7.8 ounces lard

1 tbsp sesame paste

2) For watered and oiled wrapping -

13 ounces all-purpose flour

13 ounces cake wheat flour

1 tbsp lard

1.5 cups 160F hot water

3) -

1.5 tbsp black sesame seeds

1.5 tbsp white sesame seeds

Method :

1. Rinse sesame seeds. Drain.

2. Mix ingredient (1) except sesame paste together. Stir-fry over low to medium flame for about 5 minutes. Add sesame paste. Stir-fry for 2 minutes. Remove. Let it cool.

3. Knead ingredient (2) into smooth dough. Cover with damp cloth for 20 minutes. Knead again. Divide to 2.5 - 3.9 ounces cubes.

4. Roll each one into thin, oval-shaped pieces. Spread 1/2 tbsp of the oiled filling on top. Roll it up from one of the far ends. Press the roll slightly flat filling on top. Roll it up from one of the far ends. Press the roll slightly flat with hands. Use a rolling pin to make about 1 inch of one end flat. Roll all remaining parts slightly flat. Roll the piece up from the thick end to make a 2 x 5 inch piece. Coat with some sesame. Put the sesame-side down. Roll the piece into a 3 x 6" inch flat piece. It should be 1/4 inch thick.

5. Heat a clean frying pan over moderate heat for 1-2 minutes. Turn the heat down a little. Put shao-ping in the pan. Bake with cover on over low to moderate heat for 3 minutes. Turn the other side up. Switch heat to moderate. Bake for 2 minutes. Turn the other side up. Repeat doing above steps till both sides are scorched. Serve. You can wrap spiced meat slices or yiu-tiao with shao-ping.

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