Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says it is "better to be deprived of food for three days, than of tea for one." This may sound rather drastic, but it goes to show how much the Chinese appreciate their tea. In fact, Chinese tea culture is still going strong in the modern world, with many teahouses across the city serving up traditional tea ceremonies.

Chinese tea ceremony embraces the Confucian outlook on life: being tolerant, optimistic, enthusiastic and sober - all at the same time. Traditionally, drinking tea was a way of life, and not just a method of quenching thirst. The main purpose of drinking tea was to cultivate friendships and express one's inner spirit. The Chinese believe that during the process of drinking tea the material and the spiritual merge, which helps to develop and maintain our vital spirit.

As well as being a spiritual drink, Chinese tea is known to be a health elixir and is believed to maintain fitness level if consumed over a long period of time. Some of the benefits include dispelling the effects of alcohol and relieving headaches and fatigue. There are also certain chemicals in tea that eliminate our body's toxins and help unclog arteries.

Chinese tea ceremony is indeed a very intricate process that can take a long time to master. Patience is the keyword because tea takes some time to settle. The materials used are tea leaves and a tea set - comprising a clay teapot, a fair cup, a porcelain fragrance cup, and teacups. The process is uniquely Chinese, and to experience it first hand, just drop by one of the many traditional teahouses in the Chinatown area. There are experts there who will be more than willing to show you the steps involved in conducting a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Be sure to observe the delicate movements made by the tea brewer, and once you have mastered the art, you can conduct the ceremony on your own after getting the necessary tools.

Whether you are looking for a traditional Chinese experience or you are just plain thirsty, Chinese tea ceremony offers a relaxing ritual to clear your mind and maintain spiritual peace. And that is just what you will need after an afternoon traipsing around Chinatown.

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