Chrysanthemum Pastry Recipe

Chrysanthemum Pastry Recipes

Ingredients :

1) For oiled filling -

7.8 ounces cake wheat flour

2.6 ounces all-purpose flour

5.2-6.5 ounces lard (Sift flour. Mix flours together.)

2) For watered and oiled wrapping -

5.2 ounces all-purpose flour

5.2 ounces cake wheat flour

1.3 ounces lard

some water (Sift flour. Mix flours together.)

3) -

1/2 cup red bean mash

Method :

1. Knead ingredient (1) into a dough. Divide into thumb-sized pieces.

2. Knead ingredient (2) into a dough. Divide into pieces larger than thumb.

3. Wrap oiled filling with watered and oiled wrapping to make a small ball. Roll to a thin, oval-shaped piece. Roll from the far end to make a long roll. Press the roll flat to make a thin, oval-shaped piece again. This piece should be narrower than the first one. Roll it up from the far end to make another roll.

4. Roll each small roll into flat, round pieces 2 inches in diameter. Wrap each red bean mash ball within a piece of the wrapping. Close each one tightly. Remove any tags.

5. Cut each one with a sharp knife to make * pattern. Do not cut too deeply. The filling should not be exposed. Put all pastries in a pan with moderately hot oil in it. Keep the side with cut pattern on top. Fry over low to moderate flame for 12-15 minutes. Remove carefully. Drain oil out.

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