Cured Meat and Turnip Cake Recipe

Cured Meat and Turnip Cake Recipes

Ingredients :

600g Tsai-Lai Rice flour

1800g turnip

2 strips of Chinese sausage

112.5g cured meat

75g dried shrimps

1 tbsp deep fried chopped shallot

small amount of salt, pepper

Method :

Dice the Chinese sausage, cured meat and dried shrimps; mix with chopped deep-fried shallot. Use 3 tbsp of lard to stir-fry. (Ingredient A)

Peel turnip cut into shreds, by using 3 cups of water to boil it till cooked and transparent. Add salt, pepper, and mix them with ingredient A. (Ingredient B)

Add 3 cups of water to tsai-lai rice powder, stir it into a paste, add Ingredient B. Stir-fry in a pan till it becomes sticky paste, press in a mould (brushed with oil). Steam for 1 hour till no sticky paste stick on the chopstick when tested. It can be served directly or slice and pan fried.

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