Egg Yolk in Bean Paste Rice Dumplings Recipe

Egg Yolk in Bean Paste Rice Dumplings Recipes

Ingredients :

1.2kg round glutinous rice

600g sweet red bean paste

75g suet

75g castor sugar

10 salted egg yolk

20 green bamboo leaves

1 bunch of dried straw

Method :

Soak the glutinous rice in water for 10 hours. Divide the bean paste into 10 portions, roll each portion into 2 inches long. Cut the suet into 10 pieces, mix with castor sugar in a bowl. Reserve the salted yolk. Pile two bamboo leaves together to fold into a pyramid-cup and put into the glutinous rice, add the red bean paste and salted egg yolk, cover it with glutinous rice. Wrap and tight with dried straw.

Place the dumplings in the large saucepan full of water, cook on high heat till the water boiling, reduce to low heat and simmer for 4 hours. (Keep the water cover the dumplings by adding the boiling water regularly.) After turning off the fire, leave it for 1 hour, so the rice will be stickier and fragrant.

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