Chun Bing Spring Rolls Recipe

Chun Bing Spring Rolls Recipes

Ingredients :

7.8 ounces yuan-hsiao powder

1 sweet potato

red meat (about 5.2 ounces)

1 tbsp fine sugar

some 140F (very hot) water

1/2 cup sesame

5 cups oil for frying

Method :

1. Peel sweet potato. Cut into small pieces. Steam till well done. Smash while still hot. Mix with yuan-hsiao powder, sugar and warm water to make a dough. Knead till smooth and shiny. Divide into several small balls. Coat with a layer of sesame on top each.

2. Put in moderately hot oil. Deep fry over medium flame. Keep stirring with a spatula during frying. After 1-2 minutes, press each ball with the spatula. The balls will expand to 2-3 times their original size. Ladle out when browned. Drain. Serve.


- You can stuff the balls with a filling, then fry.

- Adding sweet potato mash in the yuan-hsiao powder will make the balls expand but not split.

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