Green Onion Pancakes Recipe

Green Onion Pancakes Recipes

Ingredients :

20 ounces plain wheat flour

some 140F (very hot) water

1 cup chopped green onion

1 cup lard (or vegetable oil)

2 tsp salt

Method :

1. Make dough by mixing flour and warm water together, then kneading. Divide into 5-5.6 ounces pieces.

2. Roll each piece into 1/8-inch thick slabs. Brush a layer of lard or oil on each piece. Sprinkle chopped green onion and salt evenly on top. Roll up. Close two ends by pinching them hard. Squeeze into a ball. Roll into a round pancake.

3. Put 1 tbsp of oil in frying pan. Fry pancake over moderate heat till golden brown. Remove and serve.

Note - Pastry made from dough using very hot water is crispier.

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