Hakka Dumpling Recipe

Hakka Dumpling Recipes

Ingredients :

800g glutinous rice

75g dried shrimps

112.5g peanuts

10 pieces mushrooms

300g pork

6 pieces salted egg yolk

40 pieces bamboo leaves

37.5g dark soy sauce

10 pieces dried chestnut

10 tbsp five spices powder

Method :

Combination A - pork, mushrooms, salted egg yolk, dried chestnut

Soak mushrooms, peanuts and dried chestnut overnight or a few hours before wrapping. Wash dried shrimps and drain. Soak glutinous rice for 3 hours and above.

Rice - Fry glutinous rice till it changes color. Add dark soy sauce, dried shrimps, peanuts, half tbsp of five spices powder onto fried glutinous rice and mix well.

Filling - Add half a tbsp of five spices powder into Combination A.

Wrapping process - use to two leaves to form a cone shape. Put in glutinous rice followed by filling and then with rice again. Use two pieces of bamboo leaves on each side of the cone to cover the sides. Place final piece of bamboo leave to seal opening. Use straw string to secure dumpling.

Finishing touches - put rice dumplings in a deep saucepan. Fill with enough water to cover. Use high heat to bring the water to boil, then reduce to moderate heat. Continue to boil for 6-7 hours. Remove and drain. Hang the dumplings to cool if you want to reserve or serve hot.

For 10 servings

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