Huchow Style Glutinous Rice Dumplings (Tsung Tzu) Recipe

Huchow Style Glutinous Rice Dumplings (Tsung Tzu) Recipes

Ingredients :

20 ounces glutinous rice

10 ounces pork belly

1/3 tsp salt

some bamboo leaves

some straw


1/3 cup soy sauce

some rice wine

Method :

1. Remove skin from pork belly. Cut into 2-inch wide strips. Soak with seasonings overnight.

2. Wash rice. Blend well with salt and the sauce used to soak meat. Let stand for 10 minutes. Blend again.

3. Put 2 pieces of bamboo leaves together back to back. Fold one fourth of the leaves from the stems up to make a right angle. Put 2 tbsp of rice in. Lay meat strips on top. Put another 2 tbsp of rice on top of meat. (Remember to press the rice down hard.) Keep the leaves still when doing the above steps.

4. Cover the rice by folding over the remaining portion of the leaves. Make angles at the ends. Hold it still. Wrap neatly and tightly.

5. Fasten tightly with straw.

6. Put dumplings in a large saucepan. Add cold water to cover all dumplings. (The water surface should be 3 inches higher than dumplings.) Bring to a boil over high heat. Simmer over low to moderate heat for 4 hours. Turn off fire. Leave covered for 1 hour. Remove and serve.

Note - Being cooked for a long time and fastened tightly, the Huchow style dumplings is elastic and delicious.

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