Steamed Cake Recipe

Steamed Cake Recipes

Ingredients :

10 ounces cake wheat flour

2 tsp baking powder

4 eggs

7.2 ounces sugar

1.5 tsp wine

2 tbsp raisins

1 medium steamer

1 piece cellophane

Method :

1. Mix flour and baking powder well. Sift twice.

2. Beat eggs and sugar well (till some bubbles stay on the beater for a while when you lift it).

3. Add wine, flour, and part of raisins. Mix well.

4. Spread cellophane on the bottom of the steamer. Brush some oil on cellophane. Pour the batter in. Steam over high heat for 20-25 minutes. Water in steamer should be boiling before you place the cake batter in.

5. After 15 minutes of steaming, spread remaining raisins on cake. Cover the steamer. Steam till well done.


- If you put all raisins in once, they will all sink to the bottom.

- Do not over or under-beat the eggs.

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