Guide to Healthy Diet and Fitness

Guide to Healthy Diet and Fitness

To ensure healthy cholesterol levels, it is important to lead an active lifestyle and watch what you eat. Try not to eat too much fried and fatty foods, and to pump up your diet with vegetable, fruit and fish. Certain foods are known to have cholesterol-reducing effects. One of them is red yeast rice, red yeast rice was found to contain monacolins, which are naturally occurring inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase - the enzyme responsible for production of cholesterol in the body.

  1. Calcium and Bone Strength

  2. Chicken Essence Reduce Anxiety

  3. Creating a Pain Free Workplace Ergonomically

  4. Diabetes 101

  5. Diet - Prevent Cataract, Macular Degeneration

  6. Diet - Prevent Osteoporosis

  7. Endometriosis

  8. Enzymes for Better Health

  9. Exercise for the Seniors

  10. Fast Foods

  11. Fast Foods - Scary Facts

  12. Health Food - Mushrooms

  13. Health Tips for Senior Citizen

  14. How Does Hot Stone Therapy Works ?

  15. How Food Affects Your Child

  16. How to Prepare Healthy Diet Meal ?

  17. How to Treat Uncomfortable Contact Lenses ?

  18. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

  19. How to Lose Weight ?

  20. Malaysia Palm Oil - Source of Vitamin E and Tocotrienols

  21. Maintaining Healthy Bones and Joints

  22. Migraine Headache

  23. Treating Migraine - Medication

  24. Oatmeal - For a Healthy Heart

  25. Prevent Hypertension

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  1. Reduce Salt (Sodium) in your Daily Food Intake

  2. Risk Factors of Coronary Heart Disease

  3. Drink Tea 101

  4. Tea for Healthy Living

  5. Tips on Thinning out the Grease and Removing Body Heat

  6. Sun Tips : How to Prevent Melasma and Skin Damage ?

  7. Sore Throat - Causes and Symptoms

  8. Cholesterol Lowering Agent - Lipitor

  9. Vitamin E Supplement - Alpha or Gamma Tocopherol ?

  10. Watch Your Cholesterol Level

  11. What is Chikungunya


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