How Does Hot Stone Therapy Works ?

How Does Hot Stone Therapy Works ?

Since olden times, stones have been used in the Far East to relieve bodily ailments. For centuries, the Chinese have used hot stones to soothe muscular pain; the Japanese have been placing warm stones on the abdomen to aid digestion. It's only quite recently that the United States and Europe have been catching up, and hot stone therapy has become the fastest-growing wellness treatment in these regions.

Hot stone therapy can provide relief from several health problems, including muscle aches and strains, fibromyalgia (several tender points all over the body), back pain and insomnia. It also improves blood circulation and reduces tension, anxiety and depression.

How does Hot Stone Therapy Work ?

In hot stone therapy, warm river rocks are placed on certain parts of the body. The heat penetrates into the muscles to remove pain and discomfort, and the warm sensation provides almost immediate relaxation. A treatment usually takes about 15-20 minutes. Hot stone therapists may also use the stones to perform long, soothing massage strokes for deeper relaxation. Hot stone massage harmonizes the body, promoting a sense of balance and wellbeing.

The same river rocks can also be used cold. Cold stone treatment can minimize inflammation from muscular injury and sedate the nervous system, easing tension and tautness.

" The heat penetrates into the muscles, removing pain and providing almost immediate relaxation."

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