Sun Tips : How to Prevent Melasma and Skin Damage ?

Sun Tips : How to Prevent Melasma and Skin Damage ?

- Think that umbrellas are too cumbersome to carry about.

- Feel that hats just ruin your hair.

- Are thinking of 'getting some color into your skin' and tanning yourself

You may be at risk for developing melasma!

What is Pigmentation ? Pigmentation or melasma, is a skin condition caused by over-exposure to the sun and is one of the many skin disorders which origins from the sun's damaging UV rays. Melasma is characterized by the appearance of dark unsightly patches occurring symmetrically across the face and neck. It accounts for nearly four percent of patients seen at dermatology clinics in South East Asia. It is also one of the most prevalent skin disorders in the region.

Pigmentation can strike anyone although being Asian and a woman makes you doubly susceptible to the condition. Yet, sticking by these handy tips will prevent melasma.

Sunscreen is good medicine - Experts believe that the first line of defense against pigmentation is sunscreen - not just before outdoor activities, but as a routine. The strength of a sunscreen is measured by the Sun Protection Factor (SPF) - which indicates how much longer it will take to get sunburned when compared to not using a sunscreen at all. Sunscreen SPFs range from between 2 to above 15. For daily use, the recommendation is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least and SPF 14.

Covering Up - Another simple step in preventing melasma is to wear clothes, which cover up most of your skin. The type of material used also minimizes the effects of UV rays. For example, polyester and tightly woven fabrics help to significantly reduce UV transmission to the skin. Do not shrink umbrellas and hats! Carry a small foldable umbrella for quick, neat and essential protection when you have to stay under the sun for prolonged periods.

Going deeper - In pigmentation, the UV rays enter into the inner layers of the skin and cause a kind of organic chemical reaction within. This reaction generates damaging, unstable chemical molecules, called free radicals, which in turn stimulates certain skin cells, called melanocytes, into over-producing melanion, the substance which gives us skin color.

It is this sudden increase in melanin that eventually emerges on the surface of the skin as blotches of melasma. The problem lies in the deeper layers of the skin so, one of the most effective methods of prevention is internal treatment. Internal treatment works by blocking excessive melanin production by the over-stimulated melanocytes and stabilizing collagen. It also scavenges free radicals and inhibits UV radiation from the inside. However, it is the way to go for preventing a recurrence and is a hassle-free method of prevention.

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