Tea for Healthy Living

Tea for Healthy Living

Tea is usually drink for relaxation, quenching of thirst and enjoyment. However, scientific research from around the world suggests that there may be other good reasons to consume tea. According to some health experts, drinking tea regularly may help improve your health and fitness.

Do you lead a stressful lifestyle? If yes, try drinking tea. Tea promotes mental agility and alertness, but without causing nervousness or irritation. Students, office workers and other people who need to have clear mind and stay alert should take to drinking tea.

Furthermore tea has a calming effect. Taking a tea break is to take a break from the tasks at hand. The act of enjoying the delicious beverage will leave you feeling refreshed, revived and ready to start work again. You will be more productive as a result and better able to handle whatever comes next.

Staying in shape is a sign of good health and tea is an ideal beverage to help us to just that. Any nutritionist will confirm that, if drunk black, tea does not contain calories. Adding a teaspoonful of sugar or honey for taste is quite acceptable, thus maintaining the beverage as a healthier alternative to aerated drinks. These typically contain several teaspoonfuls of sugar in a single can. So, if you are weight conscious, drink tea.

You probably were not aware but tea contains natural source of fluoride. Black tea helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It has also been suggested that plaque (the scaly film caused by bacteria and that leads to gum disease) can be decreased by drinking tea.

Health is very important especially in today's modern living. You will find that a cup of tea will be especially welcomed as part of your lifestyle. Relaxes your body, soothes your mind, revives your spirit and in addition, tea benefits your health in general. Why not have a tea break now?

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