Fish Omelet Recipe

Fish Omelet Recipes

Ingredients :


1 tbsp

1/4 tsp

1 tbsp




butter or margarine

dash pepper

dash mixed herbs (optional)

Method :

With a fork, beat eggs, water, salt, pepper and mixed herbs together till mixture is blended, but not frothy. Heat an 8-inch skillet; add the butter or margarine - it should sizzle and brown lightly. Tilt pan to grease sides. Pour in egg mixture, leaving heat moderately high. With fork tines up and parallel to skillet, rapidly stir through top of uncooked egg. Keep omelet an even depth. As you stir the uncooked egg back and forth out to edges, cooked bits will come to center. Shake pan continuously to keep omelet sliding. The omelet should cook in 2-3 minutes. When egg is set but still shiny, remove skillet from heat. Fill center with sautéed mushrooms, if desired. Fold sides of omelet over filling; tilt pan and roll omelet onto warm serving plate.

Serves 2

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