Salt Fish Curry Recipe

Salt Fish Curry Recipes

Ingredients :

4 pieces





1 tablespoon

2 cups


2 tablespoons

2 tablespoons

salt fish

potatoes, peeled and quartered

brinjal, cut into 2 lengthwise

tomatoes, cut into 2

shallots, sliced

curry powder, blended with 1 tablespoon water

thick coconut milk, extracted from 1/2 grated coconut

sprig curry leaves

tamarind juice


salt to taste

Method :
  1. Heat oil and fry shallots until golden.
  2. Add the blended curry powder and fry until fragrant.
  3. Add sufficient water and season with salt.
  4. Bring to boil.
  5. Put in the potatoes and cook until tender.
  6. Add in the coconut milk and bring to boil.
  7. Add the brinjal and when it is almost cooked, add in the salt fish pieces.
  8. Dish out and serve hot with rice.

Serves 4 - 6

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