Australian Meat Handling - Halal

Australian Meat Handling - Halal

To assist the meat industry in producing consistent meat products, the Australia-Meat board has established specific and high accreditation standards for abattoirs, boning rooms and suppliers. Standards of hygiene, controls against contamination of meat, and compliance with importing countries' requirements are assured through tries' requirements are assured through on-site inspection by representatives of the Australian Government's Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS).

Constant research and development has kept Australia at the forefront of livestock production technology. Rigorous codes of practice are imposed at all stages of the processing chain, and their standards of hygiene and quality control are among the highest in the world.

Correct handling and storage of meat can maximize yield, shelf-life and taste. That means you will waste less, save more, serve better-tasting meals; all this will add to your bottom line. To beat spoilage, remember to keep it clean, keep it cold and keep it moving. Under good manufacturing practices, the acceptable shelf-life of vacuum packed beef, stored ideally at 0C to -1.5C, is about 6-12 weeks. Vacuum-packed beef not only inhibits destructive bacterial growth but also allows the natural tenderization or ageing process to continue as usual. Fresh meat should also be stored under the same temperature.

The Muslim market is an important market for Australia. Hence, the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) introduced the Australian Government Supervised Muslim Slaughter (AGSMS) programme to control the production of halal meat and meat products. The programme ensures identification and segregation of meat derived from animals slaughtered by a registered Muslim slaughter man (who must be registered with Aus-Meat and authorized by a recognized Islamic organization). Halal meat is identified by the application of an official halal stamp to carcasses of product cartons. Halal meat must be described on official Meat Transfer Certificates used by the export meat security system when transported between export establishments. The meat must also be identified by legible impressions of an Australia MS stamp which is the official halal stamp of the recognized Islamic body that has authorized the Muslim slaughter.

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