Bollinger Champagnes

Bollinger Champagnes

Here are 10 compelling reasons why Bollinger Champagnes are in a class of their own :

  1. Bollinger produces all its wines.

  2. A large vineyard guarantee consistency in style.

  3. Bollinger favor Grands and Premier Crus.

  4. Pinot Noir is the base of its blends.

  5. Bollinger uses only the first-pressed Cuvee.

  6. The first fermentation is done in oak barrels.

  7. Bollinger keeps its reserve wines in magnums.

  8. A very long maturation time reveals the true personality of a fine champagne wine.

  9. Traditional corking is used for reserve wines, Grande Annee and RD.

  10. Bollinger implements a  very low dosage.

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