Different Types of Liver

Different Types of Liver

There are several types of liver available and all are good value. They vary in flavor and texture, however, and therefore require different types of cooking to serve at their best.

Ox liver is the cheapest of the livers, has a strong flavor, and can be tough because the texture is rather coarse. It is best used for slow braising or casseroling.

Calves' liver is the finest and most expensive of all the livers. It is very tender with a delicate flavor and is best simply and lightly fried in butter, grilled, or pan-fried.

Pigs' liver is fairly cheap, and has a very distinct and rather strong flavor. It is best braised or casseroled and is the most popular liver (along with chicken livers) for making pates and terrines.

Lambs' liver is probably the most popular of the livers, with a good flavor which is not as strong or pronounced as pigs' or ox liver. Although not as tender as calves' liver, it is must cheaper.

Chicken or turkey livers are very tender and easily obtained. They make excellent pate and are good fried.

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