Different Types of Wine for Cooking

Different Types of Wine for Cooking

Wines Foods Ideal Serving and Storing Temperatures
Appetizer Wines

Sherry (dry to sweet)

Vermouth (dry, sweet)

Flavored wines

Special Natural wines

All Appetizers

canapes, bouillon

45-50 degrees except:

Sherry - 60-70 degrees

Dry Vermouth (serve over ice)

Red Table Wines

Claret (dry)

Red Burgundy (dry)

Rose (pink, dry to sweet)

Red Chianti (dry)

Vino Rosso (semisweet)

Hearty Foods

steak, roast game,

roast steak

ham, pork, veal

cheese, egg dishes


60-70 degrees



Rose - 45-50 degrees

White Table Wines


Rhine Wine (dry to semisweet)

White Chianti (dry to semisweet)

Light Muscat (dry to sweet)

White Burgundy (dry)

Chablis (dry)

Sauterne (dry to sweet)


Light Foods

chicken, turkey

lamb, veal



45-50 degrees or:

refrigerate one to two hours to chill

Dessert Wines

Port (sweet)

Tawny Port (sweet)

Cream or sweet Sherry

Muscatel (sweet)

All Desserts

sweets, nuts fruit, after coffee

60-70 degrees
Sparkling Wines

Sparkling Burgundy (red, semisweet to sweet)

Sparkling Muscat (sweet)

Sparkling Rose (dry to semisweet)

Champagnes (gold or pink),        (Brut-very dry)                       (Sec-semidry)                        (Demi-Sec) 

All occasions and foods 40-45 degrees or: refrigerate one to two hours to chill

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