Equipment Needed in order to Minced Meat

Equipment Needed in order to Minced Meat

When using mince, a bare minimum of basic equipment is required which may be found in the majority of kitchens.

Casserole Dish - A covered dish is a must to produce some of the dishes in the book. The lid not only seals in the flavor, but prevents the food from drying out during cooking.

Chopping Boards - Nylon chopping boards are recommended for use as they do not hold flavors and are more hygienic. They must be disinfected so that the cuts do not harbor germs.

Colanders - Used for draining large quantities of food.

Cutters - For stamping out shapes and for making croutes.

Garlic Press - The best way to add garlic to mince recipes.

Grater - For grating cheeses and vegetables for addition to the recipes.

Knives - A set of good cooking knives is essential for chopping ingredients to add to the recipes.

Loaf Tin - Used to make meatloaf, this tin is easy to use as it has collapsible sides, making turning out easy.

Mincer - Used to mince raw or cooked meat for use in minced recipes, providing the correct textured meat.

Mixing Bowls - A variety of sizes are useful for mixing ingredients.

Pastry Brush - For brushing and glazing pastry with beaten egg and oiling and greasing baking trays and dishes.

Patty Tins - Used for Popovers, these individual sized tins are ideal for producing small portions for children.

Spoons - Essential to cooking, these spoons do not absorb flavors or germs, so making them more hygienic than wooden spoons.

Thermometer - Essential for checking the correct cooking temperatures when deep-frying minced recipes and not using a deep-fat fryer.

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