Fish Saute

Fish Sauté

There is a recipe that's the quickest way to sauté and have white fish on the table with the most flavor possible.

Broiling fish is also an excellent method for a busy night (just be sure you line the broiler pan with foil first for easy cleanup), but sautéing gives you the option of making a delicious sauce in the nonstick skillet in seconds - just the thing to coax any reluctant fish eaters you might have around the table.

Sautéing gives the fish a nice brown finish and crispy edge.

You can eat it plain, with a squeeze of lemon and a little butter if you like. Or try this easy curry sauce, which gives a Southern Indian flavor to the fish (make sure you only use unsweetened coconut milk, not the kind for pina coladas). It gives the fish a rich exotic flavor with very little fuss. Serve with rice and a green salad.

Pan-Fried Fish Fillets with Quick Curry Sauce

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