How to Minced Meat

How to Minced Meat

Minced meat, particularly beef, has long been a part of our diet. Today, a wider variety of prepared minced meats, such as turkey, chicken, pork and lamb, is readily available in supermarkets and butchers, which as opened the door to a vast range of both simple and more unusual recipes for us to cook at home.

Mince may be used extensively, both for the traditional recipes which we have come to know and love, or in more exotic foreign recipes, and in quick and easy dishes when time is of the essence. Full of protein, mince may be bought in different states, the economical mince being of poorer quality and of a lower nutritional standard. Where possible, the extra lean ground meats should be purchased as these contain less fat and are of a higher quality, which results in a better and much healthier end product.

Mince is an excellent basic foodstuff to which many different flavorings may be added, making it stretch a little further for more economical cooking. Traditionally used for burgers and chili con carne, mince has many other exciting uses. It may be served in pies, or with pasta, rice and noodles to name but a few, to produce filling and nutritious family meals.

If using a mincing machine or food processor, fish, shellfish and other meats not commercially sold as mince may be put through the machine and used in imaginative ways to create wonderful and innovative recipes. Be aware of the versatility of mince, and its endless potential as a base for many exciting and flavorsome dishes.

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