How to Prepare Meat for Cooking ?

How to Prepare Meat for Cooking ?

Tough meat can be prepared so that it arrives at the table full of flavor and juice, by marinating with acidic ingredients such as wine, lemon juice, vinegar, yogurt or pulped tomatoes. These acids help to break down the connective tissue that is mostly responsible for toughness. Pounding or cutting up and lengthy cooking also help to tenderize tough cuts.

Before grilling reasonably thick, good quality meat, brush on both sides with oil to prevent it drying out. To stop a joint drying out, tie large sheets of pork fat or fatty bacon rashers round it, a technique known as barding. This keeps the meat moist during cooking, preventing it becoming tough.

A lean piece of meat such as a fillet can also be larded to prevent it drying out during roasting. Cut some pork fat into short narrow strips. These are then threaded on to a larding needle, one by one, and threaded through the meat to make 'stitches' about 1cm/ 1/2 inch deep. The fat keeps the outer layer of meat moist.

Before roasting lean beef, dripping or fat may be spread over the joint. This can then be collected from the roasting tin and used for basting during cooking. As lamb is already quite fatty, it does not require extra fat for roasting.

To make pork cracking, score the skin of the joint, marking thin strips with a sharp knife at frequent intervals then rub in oil and a generous amount of salt.

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