How to Take Care Your Butter ?

How to Take Care Your Butter ?

If you leave your butter open in the fridge, it is likely to pick up the stronger smells of other food nearby, hence ruining its own delicate flavor. Here are some pointers for better butter care :

- Check 'use by' date when purchasing butter. This is a recommended guide to ensure its freshness and quality.

- Butter should always be refrigerated, protected from light and covered in its original wrapper, tub or in a sealed plastic or glass butter container.

- Butter becomes soft at 30 degrees Celsius and melts at 35 degrees Celsius.

- The fats in butter slowly oxidize when the temperature rises and causes rancidity.

- Sunlight or strong-flavored foods in the same environment affects the taste.

- Butter can be kept in the refrigerator for up to eight weeks, but it is best to purchase as required rather then to store for long periods.

- Butter can be frozen for up to six months wrapped in appropriate freezer material.

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