Shrimp - Cooking Tips

Shrimp - Cooking Tips

It's not hard to find something to do with shrimp when it comes your way, and it's best to do very little with it to let the sweet flavor of the shellfish shine. For fresh shrimp, go lightly on the garlic and red chili, adding just a hint to enliven the seafood.

If you use frozen shrimp, however, a little extra butter, chili flakes, and lemon juice helps mask the fact that the shrimp aren't fresh. If you buy the shrimp already shelled and deveined, you won't have to bother with that step yourself.

Do not thaw frozen shrimp before cooking. The heat of the pan will thaw and cook them through in about a minute or two. Because this dish cooks so quickly, have the rest of your meal ready to serve before you start cooking the shrimp.

The scallions are optional, but they serve to bulk up the dish and help make a nice sauce. Serve over rice, with a green salad and plenty of bread to sop up the fragrant juices.

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Tips : Individually frozen (preferable uncooked) shrimp are excellent to keep in the freezer, not only for a quick dinner but also to add to stir-fried rice or to stir into a cream soup as a garnish.

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