Ham Recipes

Ham Recipes

Bacon and are the flesh of the pig which has been salted or cured in brine and then smoked. Green or unsmoked bacon is cured, but not smoked and is consequently less strong in flavor and will not keep for the same length of times as its smoked counterpart. As the name suggests, back bacon comes from the back of the pig; streaky bacon comes from the belly part of the pig.

Gammon is the hind leg of the pig which is cured on the side of bacon; if the leg is then cut off and cooked and served cold, it is known as ham. A true ham, however, is the hind leg of the pig, detached before curing, and which is then cured, salted, matured, hung or smoked, depending on the manufacturer's process.

Leftover ham is great for sandwiches, but you can get a super-quick hot meal out of it by cubing any leftovers and adding them to a cooked package of macaroni and cheese. You can also heat cubed ham with a can of baked beans, and doll it up with a squirt of ketchup, a big spoonful of molasses. It's also a tasty addition to the Kielbasa "Cassoulet" that follows, if you don't mind doubling up on pork products.

Buying guides for Ham :

- Purchase a small half fully-cooked ham.
- Have meatman cut off center slice 1-inch thick for Gingered Ham slice.
- Leftover ham slice makes great sandwiches.
- Cube remaining half ham for main dishes.

  1. Caribbean Ham Loaf

  2. Chicken with Ham and Mushrooms

  3. Currant Glazed Baked Ham

  4. Gingered Ham Slice

  5. Glazed Leg of Ham

  6. Ham and Egg Pots

  7. Ham and Egg Rolls

  8. Ham and Mushroom Soup

  9. Ham and Rice Bake

  10. Ham Barbecue

  11. Ham Broccoli Rolls

  12. Ham Salad Fruit Boats

  13. Ham Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

  14. Honey Baked Ham

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  1. Individual Ham and Pineapple Frittatas

  2. Mock Baked Ham with Mustard Glaze

  3. Pasta with Rocket Tomatoes and Parma Ham

  4. Peas and Parma Ham

  5. Saucy Ham and Eggs in Caraway Puffs

  6. Stuffed Mushrooms

  7. Toasted Ham Egg


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