Chendol Recipe

Chendol Recipes

Ingredients :

300g palm sugar (grated)

3 tbsp sugar

3 pandan leaves (tied into knots)

120ml water

450ml water

1kg grated coconut

1/2 tsp salt

300g green bean flour strips (chendol aka cendol)

250g cooked red beans

Method :

Boil palm sugar, sugar and pandan leaves in 120ml water for 30 minutes. Strain palm sugar syrup and set aside. Add 450ml water to grated coconut. Squeeze out coconut milk. Stir in salt then refrigerate. Spoon green bean flour strips and cooked red beans into bowls or glasses. Add crushed ice and fill glasses with coconut milk. Drizzle with palm sugar syrup to taste.

Cendol (Chendol) - This dessert consists of shaved ice and coconut milk, and sweetened with brown sugar syrup. Its main ingredient is cendol (chendol), or noodle-like strips made of green bean flour strips.

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