Laksa Bihun (Vermicelli) Recipe

Laksa Bihun (Vermicelli) Recipes

Ingredients :

70gm rice flour

250ml water

430gm rice flour

30gm green bean flour

30gm tapioca flour

400ml water


(Bihun = Vermicelli)

Method :

Mix 70gm rice flour and 250ml water. Stir until thickened under medium heat. Mix 430gm rice flour, 30gm green bean flour (lek tau) and 30gm tapioca flour. Sieve. Add 1 to 2 and use hands to mix well. Add 400ml water to the mixture. Stir this thickened batter. Take a portion and place into the desired pump. Press the batter into a wok of hot boiling water. (Keep the fire on). When the vermicelli is cooked, take it out and drain under cold water.

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