Mee Siam Recipe

Mee Siam Recipes

Ingredients :

150g grated coconut

560ml warm water (a)

50g dried tamarind paste (asam)

50ml warm water (b)

80g soy bean paste (pounded)

1 onion (cut into strips)

50g dried chilies (ground finely)

100g shallots (ground finely)

10g shrimp paste (ground finely)

40g dried shrimp (ground finely)

300g rice-vermicelli (soaked, drained)

200g bean sprouts

sugar to taste


2 hard-boiled eggs (shelled, sliced)

4 bean curd puffs (cubed)

5g chives (chopped finely)

a few fresh limes (halved)

Method :

Combine grated coconut with warm water (a). Squeeze out coconut milk and set aside. Combine dried tamarind paste with warm water (b) to obtain juice. Gravy: Place coconut milk, soy bean paste, onion and 3/4 of the ground dried chilies, shallots, shrimp paste and dried prawns in pot. Simmer for 30 minutes. Add tamarind juice and sugar to obtain a sweet and sour taste. Set aside.

Heat 6 tbsp oil in wok till hot. Stir-fry remaining ground ingredients till fragrant. Add rice vermicelli, bean sprouts and enough water to cook rice vermicelli. Place some rice vermicelli in serving dish and pour in gravy. Garnish with sliced eggs, bean curd puffs and chives. Drizzle with a little lime juice.

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