Tauhu Goreng Recipe

Tauhu Goreng Recipes

Ingredients :

20g dried tamarind paste

500ml water

some garlic and chilies (desired amount)

1 piece bean curd cake (about 200g)

20g shredded cucumber

10g bean sprouts (scalded)

80g roasted peanuts (ground)

sugar and salt to taste

Method :

Mix dried tamarind paste with water. Strain and bring tamarind juice to boil. Coarsely grind garlic and chilies together. Deep-fry bean curd cake till golden brown. Drain. Cut bean curd cake into 4-6 pieces then arrange on serving dish. Top with cucumber and beansprouts.

To make gravy, mix tamarind juice with ground garlic and chilies. Season with sugar and salt to obtain a balanced spicy, sour and sweet flavor. Pour gravy over bean curd cake. Sprinkle with ground peanuts. Serve.

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