How to Perform Roasting on Spices ?

How to Perform Roasting on Spices ?

Roasting Spices: This intensifies flavor and can be done in a preheated oven set to grill position or at maximum heat or in a sauté pan, preferably one with a thick bottom and a flat surface. Add the spices to a preheated skillet without any oil or liquid. The pan must be absolutely dry or the spices will stick to the pan and be more likely to burn. The pan should be preheated first over high heat. Add the spices and lower the heat to medium. The spices will lose their moisture during the first minute and then they will start to roast or toast, smoke lightly, and change color. Their smell will intensify.
To avoid burning, shake the pan or stir the spices. Remove the pan from the flame before any released oil from the spice starts to smoke and burn. Spices should be roasted only until they become light brown, not dark, or they will develop a burning, bitter flavor. Roasting times vary according to the types, amounts, and ages of the spices being roasted. To make a mixture of different spices, roast each spice separately before combining them. If the spices are to be ground after roasting, they should be cooled or their flavors will be lost.

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