Paratha Recipe

Paratha Recipes

Ingredients :

225 g

225 g

200 g

11/2 teaspoons

220 ml

whole meal flour

plain flour



lukewarm water

ghee for cooking

Method :
  1. In a large mixing bowl, put in the whole meal flour, plain flour, salt and a knob of the ghee.

  2. Add a little water at a time and knead to form a soft dough which is wet to the touch.

  3. Turn out onto a lightly floured board and knead for ten minutes or longer.

  4. Put the dough back into the mixing bowl, cover with a tea towel and set aside for at least an hour.

  5. Turn the dough out again on the board and divide into 12 portions.

  6. Roll each portion into a ball.

  7. Melt the ghee over a low heat and put it in a bowl.

  8. Knead lightly and then roll each ball of dough as thinly as possible into a circular shape.

  9. Dip a small brush in the melted ghee and brush each round lightly.

  10. With a knife, make a cut from the center of each circle to the outer edge.

  11. Starting at the cut edge, roll the dough tightly into a conical shape.

  12. Press the apex of the cone and the base towards each other and flatten slightly.

  13. The roll will now be a small, approximately round lump of dough again.

  14. Lightly flour the board once more and roll out the dough as gently as possible, taking care not to press too hard and let the air out at the edges.

  15. Grease liberally an iron griddle or heavyweight frying pan and heat over moderate heat.

  16. Cook each paratha individually, turning it over occasionally and spreading more ghee until both sides are a golden brown.

  17. Serve hot with a curry or dhall or butter and sugar.

Serves 4 - 6

This is probably the most popular of Indian breads - rich, layered, flaky and deliciously flavored with ghee, it makes up a complete meal when served with a curry or dhall but may also be eaten as an in between snack with butter and sugar.

The secret behind the perfect paratha lies in the rolling and folding technique in order to achieve the light, layered effect.

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