Roti Canai Recipe

Roti Canai Recipes

Ingredients :

600 g

1 cup

1 teaspoon

3 tablespoons



warm water




sugar to taste

Method :

Mix together flour, water, sugar and egg. Knead until soft dough is formed. Form into small balls and keep overnight. When you are ready to make the roti canai, spread the ghee on the balls and flatten. Heat an iron griddle and fry the roti canai individually until cooked. Serve hot with a curry or dhall.

Serves 6 - 8

If there is anything better than sliced bread, it is roti canai, a flat, unleavened Indian bread that is spun and tossed before being pan-fried. Typically eaten with curry, it is available with different fillings - eggs, sardines, onions, bananas or chocolate. Roti Canai is best savored with lentil or chicken curry. Roti Canai is a traditional Malaysian breakfast which is a light crispy pancake made from wheat flour. A staple in the Malaysian, Singapore, and Kerala (India) diet, roti canai is synonymous with mamak (Indian-Muslim) restaurants, many of which operate around the clock (Malaysia) and with al-fresco dining areas. It is common to see mamak patrons having roti canai at any hour of the day, as a light snack or even a meal by itself. Watch the experts pound, stretch and toss the dough and then cook it to perfection on a griddle. Be sure to watch how roti canais are made - the showmanship itself is worth as much as the grub !

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