Spiced Brown Lentils Recipe

Spiced Brown Lentils Recipes

Ingredients :

225 g

300 ml

1/4 teaspoon

1/2 teaspoon

2 tablespoons




7.5 cm

whole brown lentils

coconut milk

chili powder


vegetable oil

onion, finely chopped

curry leaves

lemon grass

cinnamon stick

sprigs lemon thyme, to garnish

Method :
  1. Wash lentil, put in bowl, cover with cold water and leave to soak for 6 hours or overnight.

  2. Drain lentils and put them in a large saucepan with coconut milk, chili powder and turmeric.

  3. Bring to the boil, then simmer, covered, for 30 minutes or until just tender.

  4. Heat oil in a separate pan, add onion, curry leaves, lemon grass and cinnamon and fry over a medium heat, stirring, for 8 minutes or until onions is soft and golden brown.

  5. Stir into lentil mixture and simmer for a further 10 minutes or until liquid has evaporated and lentils are soft but not broken up.

  6. Remove whole spices and serve hot, garnished with thyme sprigs.

Serves 4

Substitute a few sprigs of lemon thyme if lemon grass in unavailable.

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