Vegetable Biryani Recipe

Vegetable Biryani Recipes

Ingredients :

3 cups

1 cup

1 cup

1/2 cup

1/2 cup

1 cup

1 cup

1/2 cup

1 tablespoon

3 sticks

rice, half cooked

carrots, chopped



French beans, sliced thinly

onions, chopped

chopped tomatoes


chopped coriander leaves

cinnamon, cardamoms and star anise

Method :
  1. In a heavy pan, heat the ghee and fry the onions, cinnamon, cardamoms, star anise and carrots, French beans and tomatoes.

  2. Fry until the mixture turns a light brown.

  3. Add the rice, corn, peas, coriander leaves and salt and turn down the heat.

  4. Cover the pan and remove from heat.

  5. Place in a steamer and steam until the rice is cooked.

  6. Garnish with red chilies if so desired.

  7. Serve as with chicken biryani or pilau.

Serves 4 - 6

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