Italy Tuscany Cooking Recipes

Italy Tuscany Cooking Recipes

In Italy, there is no such thing as 'Italian Food', rather there are local cookery traditions. When in Rome, therefore, you will be given Roman food, whereas in Florence, you will be served local Tuscan dishes.

Tuscany features delicious recipes for antipasti, first courses, main dishes, vegetables and desserts. From crostini and ravioli to mixed fish stew, Tuscan roast lamb, fried courgette flowers and dried fruit and nut cake, there are dishes here to tempt us all. Thematic spreads on olive oil, salume, local festivals, Tuscan wine and the food of the Florentine Renaissance, among others, bring alive the history and traditions of what is arguably Italy's greatest cuisine.

Cacciucco, or Mixed Fish Stew from Livorno, must be the richest of all the fish-based dishes in Tuscany. Farther inland, chicken, beef and lamb are cooked simply by roasting, grilling, or braising with olive oil and a handful of local herbs. The recipe for duck with orange, dating from the Renaissance, recalls Tuscany's days of glory.

Italy - Tuscany Soup Recipes

  1. Maremma Style Soup

  2. Pasta and Garbanzo Bean Soup

  3. Spelt and Vegetable Soup

  4. Tomato and Bread Soup

  5. Vegetable and Bread Soup

  6. White Bean and Spinach Stew

Italy - Tuscany Main Courses Cooking Recipes

  1. Boiled Beef with Onions

  2. Calf's Liver with Sage

  3. Chicken with Fennel Seeds

  4. Classic Tuscan Casserole

  5. Cuttlefish Casserole

  6. Fish Casserole

  7. Saffron Cod with Vegetables

  8. Duck with Orange Tuscany Recipe

  9. Florentine Beef Steak

  10. Italian Beef

  11. Italian Sausages and Beans

  12. Italian Style Rump Roast

  13. Mixed Fish Stew

  14. Mixed Meat Stew

  15. Spicy Braised Veal

  16. Swiss Chard Frittata

  17. Tripe Florentine Style

  18. Tuscan Roast Lamb

  19. Frittata

Italy - Tuscany First Course Cooking Recipes

  1. Casentino Ravioli

  2. Florentine Style Penne

  3. Fresh Pici Pasta with Meat Sauce

  4. Livorno Style Minestrone

  5. Polenta Gnocchi

  6. Potato Tortelli

  7. Ribbon Noodles with Hare

  8. Spinach Gnocchi

  9. Italian Pot Roast

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Italy Tuscany Appetizers Cooking Recipes

  1. Chicken Liver Toasts

  2. Easy Italian Dressing

  3. Italian Bean Salad

  4. Italian Bean Tuna Salad

  5. Italian Stew Hunter Style

  6. Mixed Platter of Cured Tuscan Meats

  7. Mushroom Toasts Tuscany

  8. Peasant Style Mixed Salad

  9. Platter of Raw Vegetables in Olive Oil Dip

  10. Sausage Toasts

  11. Tuscan Salami with Fresh Figs

Italy - Tuscany Sauces and Meat Stock Recipes

  1. Basic Tomato Sauce

  2. Bechamel Cooking Recipe

  3. Meat Stock

  4. Rich Meat Sauce

Italy - Tuscany Vegetable Recipes

  1. A little Italian

  2. Asparagus Italian Style

  3. Italian Style Vegetables Salad

  4. Sauteed Zucchini

  5. Zucchini Crepes with Ricotta Chive Filling


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