Raw Fish and Rice Parcels (Sushi) Recipe

Raw Fish and Rice Parcels (Sushi) Recipes

Ingredients :

Tuna Sushi

3 sheets nori (paper thin seaweed)

150g freshest tuna fillet, cut into fingers

1 tsp Wasabi, made into a thin paste with a little water

6 young carrots, blanched

450g cooked sushi rice

Salmon Sushi

2 eggs

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp sugar

5 sheets nori

450g cooked sushi rice

150g freshest salmon fillet, cut into fingers

1 tsp Wasabi, made into a thin paste with a little water

1/2 small cucumber, cut into strips

Method :

To make the tuna sushi, spread half a sheet of nori onto a bamboo mat, lay strips of tuna across the full length and season with the thinned Wasabi. Place a line of blanched carrot next to the tuna and roll tightly. Moisten the edge with water and seal. Place a square of wet greaseproof paper (non-stick baking paper) onto the bamboo mat, then spread evenly with sushi rice. Place the seaweed wrapped tuna along the center and wrap tightly, enclosing the seaweed completely. Remove the paper and cut into neat rounds with a wet knife. To make the salmon sushi, make a simple flat omelette by beating together the eggs, salt and sugar. Heat a large non-stick pan, pour in the egg mixture, stir briefly and allow to set. Turn out onto a clean cloth and cool. Place the nori onto a bamboo mat, cover with the omelette and trim to size. Spread a layer of rice over the omelette then lay strips of salmon across the width. Season the salmon with the thinned Wasabi, then place a strip of cucumber next to the salmon. Fold the bamboo mat in half, forming a tear shape inside. Cut into neat sections with a wet knife.

Sushi is something of an art form in Japan, but which a little practice it is possible to make sushi at home.

Serves 4 - 6

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