Kebab Recipes

Kebab Recipes

Use twin steel skewers to make your kabobs (kebab) two prongs keep the chunks more secure when you turn them on the grill. If you'd rather use wooden skewers, soak them in water for 30 minutes before grilling.

  1. Barbecued Kebabs

  2. Broiled Lamb Shish Kebab (Royal Caribbean Cruise Line)

  3. Caribbean Fruit Kebabs

  4. Fish and Pineapple Kebabs

  5. Gemfish Kebabs with Apple Marinade

  6. Jewish Kebabs with Sesame Sauce

  7. Kidney Kebabs

  8. Chicken Kebabs with Cool Yogurt Dip

  9. Chicken Liver and Bacon Kebabs

  10. Lemon Honey Chicken Kebabs with Yoghurt Sauce

  11. Lamb Kebabs

  12. Lighted Lamb Kebabs

  13. Moroccan Lamb Kebabs

  14. Pork Kebabs Espetada

  15. Prawn Kebabs with Butter Sauce

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  1. Spicy Kebabs

  2. Spicy Prawn Kebabs

  3. Ratatouille Kebabs

Kebab Recipes - Indian

  1. Indian Lamb Kebabs

  2. Seek Kebabs

  3. Shami Kebabs

  4. Shish Kebabs

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