Sausage Octopus Recipe

Sausage Octopus Recipes

Ingredients :

8 cocktail sausage

1 small cucumber


1 piece dried seaweed

Method :

Make two cuts perpendicularly, each about 1 inch, at one end of the cocktail sausages. Cut off the top and bottom of the cucumber. Peel off part of the skin leaving green stripes. Then slice the cucumber, each about 1/2cm thick. Hollow out the middle, set aside. Stir fry the cocktail sausages carefully until the ends curl up. Dish up, drain off excess oil. Fit the sausages into the cucumber slices. Cut dried seaweed as eyes and mouth and put in right places. Put some mayonnaise on top as hair. Serve immediately.

Serves 2 - 4

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