How to Bone a Leg of Lamb ?

How to Bone a Leg of Lamb ?

How to Bone a Leg of Lamb ?

Lamb is a deliciously tender meat, perfect for roasting, and leg of lamb is one of the most popular cuts. Leg joints can be boned and stuffed before roasting, resulting in a flavorsome stuffing encased in thick, succulent meat. A stuffed leg of lamb is easy to carve and serve and makes an impressive centerpiece to a meal.

- To bone a leg of lamb, use a sharp, pointed knife to clear the meat away from the hip bone which protrudes from the thickest end of the leg. Scrape the meat away from the hip bone along its whole length, reaching inside the meat to do so. When it is free, remove the hip bone.

- Cut away the meat from the shank bone in the same way, this time working form the narrower end of the leg. Remove the shank bone.

- Working from the wider end of the leg again, clear the meat away from the middle bone, then remove it through the hip cavity.

- You should now be left with a boneless piece of meat, with a cavity running down the centre. Fill the cavity with stuffing and use butcher's string to tie the joint into a neat shape, tucking the narrow end of the lamb into the cavity to hold the stuffing in place.

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