How to Carve a Shoulder and Leg of Lamb ?

How to Carve a Shoulder and Leg of Lamb ?

How to Carve a Shoulder of Lamb ?

The shoulder is probably the most difficult joint to carve. To simplify carving, you can loosen around the blade bone with a small sharp knife before cooking, but do not remove it entirely. When cooked, this loosened bone can then be pulled out to make carving easier.

- Lay the joint skin side uppermost and make a series of parallel cuts downwards, starting at the elbow and ending at the shoulder blade.

- Run the knife horizontally along the length of the bone underneath the slices to free them.

- Turn the joint over, remove any surface fat, then carve the meat on the other side of the joint into long horizontal slices.

How to Carve a Leg of Lamb

Lamb should not be carved too thinly; aim for slices about 5mm / 1/4 inch thick.

- Holding the knuckle end firmly with the carving fork, carve a wedge-shaped slice from the centre of the meatiest side. Carve slices from each side of the cut, gradually turning the knife to get larger slices and ending parallel to the bone.

- Turn the joint over and carve in long horizontal slices.

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