Coconut Rice with Lemon Grass Recipe

Coconut Rice with Lemon Grass Recipes

Ingredients :

400g long grain rice

1/2 tsp salt

1 piece lemon grass, 5cm long

25g creamed coconut

700ml boiling water

Method :

Wash and drain the rice several times in cold water until the water is no longer starchy. Put the rice, salt, lemon grass and coconut in a heavy saucepan, cover with the measured amount of boiling water. Stir once to prevent the grains from sticking to the pan, and simmer uncovered for 10-12 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and allow to steam in its own heat for a further 5 minutes. Fluff the rice with a fork or chopsticks before serving.

Serve this rice dish with Sizzling Steak or other meat dishes.

Serves 4 - 6

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